tesla wm

tesla wm is a small and fast tiling window manager. It is a fork of dwm (thanks Anselm!).

Download the tarball teslawm-0.3.4.tar.bz2 or fetch development versions via mercurial:

$ hg clone http://wirsing.deinding.net/~rfigura/teslawm/cgi-bin/hgweb.cgi

You can also browse the repository online


Sadly, the code is more hackish than clean but i still think that many things are easier to accomplish with teslawm than with the original source. I just wished i had more time to work on this...

Be that as it may: I'm currently using it so it shouldn't have any nasty bugs and you are invited to test it.

differences to dwm

Many small changes and side effects improve the workflow like in this example: The new event code allows to precisely specify wether to switch focus on mouse movements. The current default behavior is not to change focus on mouseover when a modifier or a button is pressed. This helps to get the pointer from a focused window to the bar to do something with it - without using a keyboard or a mouse wheel.

So there are a lot of undocumented features for you to find out :-P

known bugs


2012-06-24 bugfix release:

2012-06-21 experimental update:

2012-01-21 experimental update:

2009-02-28 bugfix release:

2009-01-02 experimental release:

2008-07-28 hg tip:

2008-05-27 hg tip:

2008-04-26 release:

2008-03-06 experimental update:

2007-12-18 experimental update:

2007-11-15 experimental release:

2007-11-03 update:

2007-10-25 release:


Good things shall always be sustained: Keep it simple. Minimize required interaction.



extended tile mode

other layout features

even more tiling layouts

cheat sheet

keyboard shortcuts

mod-p			start program via dmenu
mod-RETURN		start xterm
mod-DOWN		focus down
mod-UP			focus up
mod-x			focus previously focused window
mod-ESCAPE		close focused
mod-SPACE	       	softzoom focused to master area

shift-mod-SPACE	        unzoom focused
mod-f			cycle positioning type
mod-TAB			cycle layout
mod-y			view previous tagset
mod-b			toggle bar display

mod-+			in []E mode: add a master window
mod--			in []E mode: remove a master window
mod-LEFT		in []E mode: make master area smaller
mod-RIGHT		in []E mode: make master area larger
mod-c			in []E mode: rotate layout

mod-1 ... 9		view tag 1 ... 9
strg-mod-1 ... 9	toggle view tag 1...9
shift-mod-1 ... 9	set tag to 1 ... 9
strg-shift-Mod-1 ... 9  toggle tag 1...9

* q,w,e,r have the same meaning as 5,6,7,8.
* j,k have the same meaning as UP, DOWN
* h,l have the same meaning as LEFT, RIGHT
mouse shortcuts

* anywhere on the bar:
wheel-up	        focus up
wheel-down		focus down

* on a tag:
button-left		view tag
button-right		toggle tag visibility
button-middle		tag client
mod-button-left		tag client
mod-button-right	toggle tag on client

* on the layout button:
button-left		cycle layout
button-right		zoom focused to master area
button-middle		toggle floating mode of focused

* on a window:
mod-button-left		move window
mod-button-right	resize window
other notes

* clicking mouse buttons on the title and status bars should open a
  dropdown menu.

* tags 9 ("+") and 10 ("-") are sticky which means that they can only
  be toggled and are not being turned off when any other tag is

* touch display top or bottom with the mouse pointer to toggle the bar